Why is gift-giving important?

August 26, 2021

Why is gift-giving important?

Gift-giving is human nature. We want to connect with each other, to show kindness, to make people feel appreciated, or to simply send a hug! Gifts can do all of these things.

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt giving a special gift was important. Before I had an allowance or my own money, I would make my own gifts. My Grandma would get handmade potholders or a knitted scarf for Christmas, Mom would unwrap handmade ornaments for the tree, and for Dad, there would be special decorated cookies. The excitement of making something special for people I loved made me so happy.

As I grew older, I could buy for my growing list of loved ones – and since I was always on the lookout for the perfect gift to make someone feel great, my closets were always packed with presents. Last year, I got my parents the perfect slippers for Christmas (they were thrilled), and recently I sent my niece, a college freshman, a care package full of homemade cookies and carefully selected jewelry. She told me it made her day! Even though I’ve grown up from making all my own gifts, knowing that I made someone’s day a little brighter is still what gift-giving is all about to me.

My business partner, Dona, grew up with the same love of creating beautiful presents. Her detailed eye for putting together just the right gift for either a baby shower, birthday, or wedding (beautifully wrapped with the perfect ribbon, of course) brings her joy! Finding the perfect present for her daughter’s birthday or for her son at Christmas makes her a happy Mom.

After years of teaming up to create meaningful gifts for our friends, family, and local businesses, we joined forces to create Ava & Ruby. Named after Dona’s daughter and my ‘slippers’, Ava & Ruby is a curated gift bundle company that provides an online boutique experience to help create a great gift-giving experience for the giver as well as the recipient. Our mission is always about delivering a little joy wrapped in a bundle – the way it’s been since we were little.